Hobbledehoo Harness Features
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Easy adjustablility with clips around the chest. Quick release straps over shoulders that extend over helmets for ease of getting on and off.

Go to Security


The Grab Handles front and back allow independence while having security you can catch them if the fall or stumble.

Go to Strength


With steel enforced d-rings and swivel clips, and dual stitching the Hobbledehoo is designed to take a child’s full body weight. Front and rear grab handles to catch then when they stumble or to pick them up when they fall.

Go to Style


High visibility reflective shoulder stripes and rear logo for dusk hours and low visibility occasions.

Our logo is the octopus, one of the most dedicated parents on earth, one deep-sea octopus was recorded guarding her eggs for fours years and five months, the scientists who observed her said it was likely she didn't eat for this entire time.

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