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Hobbledehoo – taken from the Old English; Hobbledehoy and often used in the Nursery Rhyme – “This is the way the Farmers Ride……”



noun: hobbledehoy; plural noun: hobbledehoys

  1. a clumsy or awkward youth.


adjective: hobbledehoy

  1. awkward or clumsy, “his hobbledehoy hands”


mid 16th century: of unknown origin.


Designed by parents initially as a skiing harness for children the Hobbledehoo Active Harness has a multitude of other application in everyday life for full control over your active little ones.

Designed in the first place for skiing as parents to children that started on the slopes as soon as they could walk. Although the skiing aspect was more - slide between us for 15 minutes.... hot chocolate.... slide... snowman....home for a nap, and that was just us parents!

We took with us a product purchased and used it that first year on our 15 month old but it didn't live up to our expectations. One evening, over a bottle of wine, the challenge was set to create a better product with our knowledge of materials and factories. The first prototype was made from scraps of material, webbing and clips from eBay and a couple of kayak handles. This was then sent to a known factory to copy and mock up for real!

The first batch took a long time to finalise as we decided to undertake testing just to be sure on the strength of all the components and stitching. It all passed!

Since then, onwards and upwards and we have improved and reinforced the harness. In 2023 we had the first huge developments in the harness for some time. We introduced a colour range of the original with yet more reinforcing and padding and and the one feature you all keep asking for... an XL version that can virtually fit anyone over the age of 6 years.

Your reviews and words about how our harness has allowed moments of freedom for you and your family that have a child with additional needs are what keep us striving to give you want you need. Going for walks or being in public places shouldn't have to be scary if you have a Hobbledehoo.

Happy exploring,

Gemma & Michael

Founders and creators of the Hobbledehoo Harness