Using the detachable leash

When a child falls over the harness with its front and back grab handles allows for ease of picking the child up and untangling their legs and skis without too much bending over by the adult. Plus the detachable leash is ideal for clipping on when you reach those slightly steeper slopes and speed assistance is required!

One of the comments made by our testers was that the length of the leash was not long enough. The length is constrained by the standard BS EN 13210 that it adheres to but we have seen longer leashes on other children in the past that we deem dangerous for other users as you take up a lot of slope when your child is attached to you some distance away! The length is suitable for many uses when on foot and using in daily living, for skiing it should not be used as a permanent tool for speed reduction, just on the odd length where that blue run becomes almost a red!