Hobbledehoo 2 Active Childs Harness


  • Front and rear grab handles to catch then when they stumble or to pick them up when they fall.
  • Easy adjustablility with clips around the chest. Quick release straps over shoulders that extend over helmets for ease of getting on and off.
  • Twin clipped detachable safety leash for using when close restraint is required. Leash extends to a single handle to hold.
  • High visibility reflective shoulder stripes and rear logo for dusk hours and low visibility occasions.

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The Hobbledehoo 2 Active Kids Harness provides a suitable harness for holding, grabbing or picking up your child for full control over your active little ones, Ideal for ages 1-7 years.
Tried and tested on toddlers wearing wetsuits while around water for a safe and secure grab handle (have you ever tried to catch a slippery, wriggly child in a wetsuit?). Gives peace of mind when they are jumping in the small waves near your feet as you can easily grab hold and take control if they slip over, which they will, again and again!
Used daily while out walking as toddlers trip and stumble over every small thing but must be independent and walk on their own. Use while travelling on public transport; especially on the London Underground system as it allows the child to walk independently but you have full control to keep them upright at the speed of the flowing traffic even up and down the stairs and knowing they cannot fall, trip or stumble to the floor or near a train.
Childs Ski Harness
Ideal for skiing as on ski lifts you have full, secure control of a child without having a handful of clothing.

The best thing about the design of the harness is the height of the double handles; most adults can have their fingers around the rear handle with little stooping or bending, continue walking with the child but the slightest stumble or trip can be caught before they hit the floor. If they do reach the floor, picking them up is so much easier as you don’t have to stoop down all the way to put hands under the arms and pick them up, you just lift the rear handle and with its height the child’s legs naturally fall back to the floor and they just drop onto their feet. Much quicker, simpler and a lot less demanding on an adults back!

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Full video of Hobbledehoo in use with a 3 and 4 year old skiing:

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The leash is 1.2m fully extended from the child to the tip as this is the maximum allowed to obtain the British standard BS EN 13210 standard for the safety requirements of Children’s harnesses and reins.


The chest straps can extend to make the harness 13″ flat width comfortably so could say that it will fit up to a 26″ chest easily, possibly 28″. There should be no issue with the shoulder straps as it extends enough to fit over a helmet.
The weight is tested to 120N so should withstand up to a 6 year old.
Our returns policy is very good, if you try it on carefully and it doesn’t fit then happily return it to us and we will refund you as long as it is in the same condition as you would expect to receive it yourself.



29 reviews for Hobbledehoo 2 Active Childs Harness

  1. Georgia

    My son is autistic and this harness is secure, padded and sturdy. The hand grips on the front and back and the two length grips on the reins mean that you always have a secure hold. My son also enjoys wearing the harness, I was worried he’d hate it but it gives him comfort and will always make sure that someone is holding the rein. Very very pleased with this product

  2. Jennifer

    I brought this for my 5 yr old daughter who has autism and has no awareness of danger. It’s perfect for her and fully adjustable. She is very slim so I have it adjusted on the smallest possible, so she will get many years out of this as it adjusts to quite a big size. Would definitely recommend this

  3. mrs l r williams

    Excellent product, stops the monkey running off

  4. Jp93

    I bought this as my 3.5 year old with ASD needs to be ‘held’ at all times whilst out for his safety, his toddler reins weren’t comfortable enough due to the thinner straps, this is brilliant it’s very comfy for him to wear and the length of the ‘lead’ is great too, plus all the extra places to grip including the handles! Unfortunately he has taken to swinging from it like a handbag, but I suppose this only attests to the strength/sturdiness and comfort of the harness otherwise he wouldn’t do that haha

    Size wise it can also fit on my large 5.5 year old and could go bigger! It’s great

  5. Jan T

    Bought this for a 4 year old autistic child who has a tendency to bolt. Has been a complete game changer. Can safely walk without holding hands and confident I can keep the child safe. Can push a trolley around supermarket for the first time. Brilliant buy highly recommend.

  6. Hayley Moorcroft

    I’ve had this harness for my three year old for a few months now and it’s amazing. He has additional needs and likes running, this harness makes me feel much more comfortable when I take him out. Super happy with it. Can’t recommend it enough.

  7. Annali

    Fantastic product.
    Very strong and not the average type of reins.
    Product pictures show the true reflection of the product and on how robust it is.
    I know the investment is much higher but worth it.
    It’s to protect my daughter who has autism with lots of anxiety around the road.
    I am keen to buy another one for a spare.

  8. Chantelle Alexandra Shone

    I have gone through so many sets of reins this year with my 4 year old who is a runner. He snaps harnesses after just a few weeks. These seem a lot sturdier so far. I am hoping they will last. So far definitely 5 stars.

  9. customer

    We’re really Pleased with this harness. We have a disabled little girl who cannot stand or walk unaided. We were looking for something to support her without having to hold her all the time. It is such a delight for us to put her in this harness we have to hold her in the harness tightly but she steps out with obvious delight for herself and us. We are hoping that in time she will gain confidence and walk unaided. Thanks very much we are really happy with your product

  10. rufus

    This is a really good product; it does what it says. Our grandson 23 months is extremely active and determined when running around and out walking. The straps are sturdy and the front and back handles are ideal when he roughs and tumbles.

  11. strawberry

    This was fantastic for teaching my 4 year old to ice skate, ride her bike and utterly brilliant for helping her off ski lifts. Really saved my back

  12. nthorne

    This is the best thing i have ever bought to get my youngest to work with have a few difficulties she finds it harder to walk long distances, since i have purchased and received this she now walks most of the time we use the buggy once maybe twice a week

  13. Mr C.

    i have found this product by hobbledehoo very useful for my very active 2 year old no more running away all the time the grab handles are a good idea and come in handy, it is more expensive than others but the quality speaks for itself well worth the money

  14. Papapdopoulos Vasilios

    Five Stars – Excellent

  15. Morphine Bubbles

    Five Stars – 10/10

  16. Tom – The Unlikely Dad

    …….What I also love about this harness is the ‘grab handles’ at the front and back, for those times you may need to quickly grab them, quite a unique feature. It’s also high vis which is awesome at this time of year. Reference to a dog again, but my toddler is like a dog in the sense he needs fresh air twice a day and to run outside and have that freedom. So with it being dark by 4pm now, this is great for the walk to the shops or a visit to the park before dinner time…… Read more at http://www.theunlikelydad.com/blog/2016/11/13/review-the-hobbledehoo

  17. LittleChicksChildcare

    Excellent product! Arrived quickly through the post and was well packaged. Brilliant communication with Hobbledehoo about my order. Can’t wait to try it out in the snow this winter with the children when skiing! Thanks!

  18. tara homer

    Brought for a 7 yr old special needs child who has no awarness of danger. These are strong well made and works great with handle on the front and back to lift and hold on to the child when meltdowns ensue. The length of the “lead” is perfect for him to feel some independence but still safe, cant say how great this is.

  19. Elaine Scougal

    We have recently started using Hobbledehoos with our three year old twins and absolutely love them. We had no success with other types of reins (refusal to walk, too short a rein, too small for them etc) however these are clearly more comfortable for them. It’s also great to know that the product will grow with them as both boys have mobility issues and have no danger awareness so they will give us peace of mind. I also love that the product is still really useful when not using the rein part. The ‘grab handles’ are such a great idea. Really recommend and I’m sure our kids would too!

  20. Vicki

    I have four boys aged 5, 4 and almost two year old twins. My twins are fantastic walkers but had so often been put in the pushchair so I’d have a hand free, which I had always felt unfair on them as with one child in that situation I would have had them walking. Walks where I needed them to hold my hand had become stressful as when one decided to bolt I would have to grab the other before chasing (and they are fast!)
    Having the hobbledehoo for them has been brilliant, I can’t put into words what a change it has made when I want to go somewhere and they want to walk, I now can let them and know I will have a free hand to deal with my other children.
    The grab handle at the back is fantastic as when one child decides to lie on the floor I can just pick them up with the handle and will still be holding the other baby’s hand. The detachable strap is brilliant as I can take it off when the boys can be free to run around then just clip it back on when I need to. I am even managing dog walks with my five year old safely holding one baby’s hand next to the road whilst I have the other baby and dog.
    I have had a lot of comments off other parents about how nice they look and well designed. They have also been easy to adjust to a four year olds size when he decided to misbehave one day!

  21. Mark

    They have been very useful and I can see us using them a lot for other activities (sailing etc). He think it is quite cool and wasn’t bothered about wearing a harness (for surfing). It seems really strong. We can easily lift him off the ground with it and he is in aged 9-10 clothes. Would definitely recommend it.

  22. Karena

    What a fab product!! We’ve been using ours for so many things Not just skiing. It’s perfect for my 3.5yr old son and 18 month old daughter riding their pony as it gives us the support without restricting their movement or letting them know we are there. Also been fab for ‘restraining’ my very stubborn daughter as she insists on walking everywhere and won’t tolerate normal restraints as too short! Perfect definitely recommend

  23. Miriam

    We used two hobbledehoos whilst skiing over half term. It was great for helping our 4 year old ski – we used the handles to haul him up slopes and pick him up when he fell and the reins were great for keeping his speed under control as he practised.
    On our nearly two year old it was essential for picking him up off the snow as he struggled not to fall over in all his warm clothes.
    Fantastic for when you’re wearing gloves and they’re wearing slippy clothes as the handles are so easy to get hold of. The handles are very strong, we even used them to carry our youngest! Great product and had people asking me about it too. And the kids enjoyed towing each other about.

  24. Rhia M

    Fantastic product!! Much loved by me and my 2 year old.
    He is very happy to wear this and I have such great control. If he stumbles I can simply correct him on his feet, and if he completely falls over the harness design enables me to pick him up with ease.
    Also I found this to be excellent with scooters. Enabling my child to freely scoot due to the lengthy rein but still have control of him.
    I would highly recommend the hobble de hoo to any mums and dads with toddlers!

  25. David

    Thank you again for the trial harness you gave us today in La Plagne. What a great idea, it made our day skiing with our 3 year old so much easier. She loved it too and the fit is discreet and comfortable. It made her more confident and helped her master her first solo run by the end of the day. I will certainly recommend to friends. All the best.

  26. Scott

    Thank you for giving us a Hobble de Hoo after meeting you on the slopes. It has been great for our daughter who is Autistic. This really gave her the freedom to enjoy skiing. It was especially good for us on the lifts were it gave us additional security being able to keep hold of her. Thank you so much.

  27. Mandy Jane

    My son had to have an eeg the other day he never sits still I managed with this on to keep him on my lap. He also has additional needs and has no sense of danger most of these harnesses are way too small. P’s I don’t think we actually ever leave the house without it!

  28. Leah

    The handles on this are really robust for picking them up with and the straps are padded enough so as not to cut into them – a great versatile piece of safety kit but most importantly for any 3 year old – it looks cool!

  29. Laura – Wafflemama

    Our daughter S is 20 months now and very much an independent woman, she knows what she wants and is very clear in letting us know about it! Recently she has wanted to walk more and more which would be fine, but unfortunately she refuses to hold our hand a lot of the time and out right refuses to wear her old animal backpack with reigns – so most of the time to keep her safe near roads or in busy areas, we have to confine her back to the pushchair or carry her for peace of mind.
    I saw an advert on Facebook for Hobbledehoo which looked like a much more structured harness and I was kindly offered one to try out for review here.
    This could go one of two ways – either she would let us put it on, or she would scream blue murder and I would post it back with my apologies.
    Much to my surprise, not only did S put her arms up to have it put on voluntarily, she allowed us to buckle it, tighten it and attach the straps for our walk. Gobsmacked. I wondered what kind of crazy sorcery this harness included – it actually made her happy!
    This is a toddler that for at least the last 6 months has refused anything vaguely restrictive or ‘baby’ like, such as high chairs, trolley traps and the other kind of back pack harnesses so this was a good sign!
    Hobbledehoo goes onto the child like a vest which can then be tightened to fit snuggly around the body. This is seriously well made and robust and lightly padded for comfort. The straps tightened and loosened very easily and quickly which is pretty essential with impatient toddlers craving their adventures and all clips are really solid too.
    These harnesses have a nice solid handle on the back and front, perfect for helping your little one up whilst allowing them to do half the work. We haven’t really used these a great deal, but found it good to have that extra ‘grabbing’ point when we needed her to stop at the roadside, or super stay close by.
    The strap has one handle that splits to two clips to support the harness on your walks. The strap material is very thick, well made and soft but I would have liked to have seen a more robust grabby handle like the ones attached to the front and back as I found this harder to grip. The good thing about it being a plain loop is that it makes it easier to loop round and round your hand to shorten the strap, so there are definitely pros and cons to the strap design. For me though, this didn’t let it down at all in use, I just always try and find something that I would maybe change in a review if I can.
    I am completely blown away at how much S has enjoyed using this harness and getting a little freedom. We have only had one tantrum which was when we tried to carry her through a busy crowd in town, so nothing to do with the harness! Otherwise, this has really been a bit of a godsend for us and I know if she could tell us, S would say she loves this – hopefully the pictures show that instead!
    This is so much better than the backpack style one we used with our son (and attempted with S) as we found those always rose up and if they fell over it came right up to the neck and cut in the armpits. This fits so nicely on the body – it’s kind of the human equivalent of a dog harness VS a collar and lead – it’s safer, much more comfortable for the child and the reigns can simply be detached when they sit down or pop off to play.
    From the second we tried this, we have had no battles with S to put this on – I think she knows it’s her best alternative that offers the most freedom! We battle to get her to wear anything that isn’t pink, to wear shoes that don’t have a bow on and to let us brush her teeth and hair, but luckily with the Hobbledehoo we have one less battle on our hands and it’s great! Big thumbs up from us. There is so much fun to be had!

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