Hobbledehoo Harness for additional needs families

The Hobbledehoo Harness was created for activities but using it with toddlers it has become apparent that its use is infinite in daily living. Due to the robust assembly of the product it can withstand a much larger weight while distributing it over a large surface area, unlike standard reins that are made from just thin webbing. The padded harness covers a large area of the chest and shoulders and has a huge amount of adjustability, but once fitted can be removed very easily with the quick release clips. The clips are sited towards the rear of the straps, certainly behind the underarm so only a really good contortionist could unclip it themselves!

We often get asked about the age limit on the harness. We can only place a 7 year old upper limit as there is no facility to reproduce and create all the stresses and forces that a heavier child could create on all the parts. We do have quite a lot of families using the harness on children older 7, I know of a few 11 years olds, but we can’t shout about it because we haven’t tested it to that limit.

Two of our fans are the infamous boys Ollie and Cameron up in Scotland, who “happen to have an extra chromosome”. They have used the Hobbledehoo Harness out and about walking, in town and currently using them for safety on their riding lessons.

Children with levels of Autism also benefit from the Hobbledehoo Harness as sometime in everyday life they need a little more assistance in learning about dangers and safety of being outside and walking near roads and traffic. We have had loads of reviews where the Hobbledehoo Harness has allowed these slightly older children freedom from buggies or strict hand holding which also allows the teaching of safety and development of awareness in their own time.